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Test and Calibration

Torque Calibration and Verifications

We do the Verification and Calibration of your Brand Independent Torque Equipment and your Measuring devices.


Valve Torque Measurement and Calibration Service

  • Measuring capacity up to 20,000 Nm

  • Measuring accuracy with torque sensor ± 1%

  • Manual or fully automatic options

  • Special solutions for ball valve or block valves

  • Air or mechanical torque multipliers in valve testing

  • Ability to document and report test processes

  • UKAS accredited system with calibration certificate

  • Torque force testing ensures correct actuator selection

  • Origin UK, manufacturer Norbar, CE certified

  • British Norbar company technology and technical support

  • Technical service and spare parts services in Turkey

Valve manufacturers need to select the actuator by measuring the opening and closing torque forces of the valves they design at no load and under load. Actuator selections based only on mathematical calculations without measuring the torque forces required to open and close the valves can be risky. If the torque force is calculated less than it should be or the friction tolerances are not realized as calculated, the power of the selected actuator may not be sufficient. Valves-valves may not open or close under load-pressure. This is a big problem for the customer and a big loss of confidence for the manufacturer.

If the opening and closing torque of the valve is overestimated and an unnecessaryly powerful actuator is selected, unit costs will be high. In such a situation, it will be a factor that reduces the competitiveness of the manufacturer.

The valve sector is a three-legged system. This system consists of the valve manufacturer, the actuator manufacturer and the customer. The expectation of the customer is that the valve system he has purchased can open and close smoothly under load in real life. In order for this system to work smoothly in practice, the valve and the actuator must be compatible with each other. It means that the power of the actuator is strong enough to open and close the valves. The only method to ensure this compliance is the on-off test of the valves.

We also offer rental services in Valve Torque Measurement and Calibration. Please contact for details or  +90 532 599 5044


Repair and maintenance

Repair, maintenance, measurement verification, calibration and warranty for all kinds of torque related equipment such as torque meters, torque wrenches, mechanical torque multipliers, electric torque wrenches, hydraulic torque wrenches, stud tensioners, hydraulic torque pumps, including the products ETA Industry sells and different brands. offers its services. The technical equipment of the service infrastructure is equipped to provide this service. Thanks to the technical trainings received from the manufacturers periodically every year, repair and maintenance services are carried out at the quality of the manufacturer.

Spare Parts Stock

Spare parts of all products sold are kept in stock. Spare parts of different brands are also supplied from abroad. Service time is 24-36 hours, except in exceptional cases. It is aware of the customers' need for torque equipment. It cares that every device that comes for repair is delivered as soon as possible without losing time.


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