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Sealing Solutions

ETA Technical Training

ETA Quality, Environment and ISG Technical Trainings

TC-10000 Shut-off valve fundementals

TC-11000 Shut-off valve overhaul and repair

TC-12000 Shut-off valve engineering and selection

TC-20000 Pressure Safety valve fundementals

TC-21000 Tank relief valvesTC-22000 Safety valve overhaul and repair

TC-23000 Safety valve engineering and selection

TC-24000 Safety valve In-Situ testing

TC-30000 Control valve fundementals

TC-31000 Control valve overhaul and repair

TC-32000 Control valve engineering and selection

TC-40000 Valve automation

TC-50000 Fugitive Emission testing

TC-51000 Cryogenic testing

TC-52000 Fire Safe testing

TC-60000 O2 Clean Room operations

TC-70000 Shut-off valve test system operator

TC-71000 Safety valve test system operator

TC-72000 Control valve test system operator

TC-80000 Managing the valve repair and overhaul loop

TC-90000 Process loop engineer

AP-10000 ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Training

AP-11000 ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Internal Auditor Training

AP-12000 ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management. Fog. Tutorial 

AP-13000 ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management. Fog. Internal Auditor Training 

AP-14000 Waste Management Training

AP-15000 Chemical Spill Training

AP-16000 Chemical Management Training

AP-17000 Occupational Safety Board Training

AP-18000 OHS and Environmental Officers Training

AP-19000 Environmental and OHS Activities

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We transform our ETA technical trainings with our local and foreign professional trainers, to share experiences that leave an impression on the participants, and to transform the training from being an obligation organized by the institution into participatory and enjoyable moments.

For detailed information about our trainings, please contact us via our contact information.

Tel: 0216 820 85 45


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